Anne hathaway catwoman

Explore the iconic portrayal of Catwoman by Anne Hathaway in Batman movies. Witness her captivating performances and discover why she is hailed as one of the best Catwoman actresses of all time.
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Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) is a part of comic book and comic book movie history, and Catwoman's stylish fashion has been much adored since the 1960s when Julie Newmar first portrayed her in the Batman TV series. No matter who has played the role…

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We get quite a few calls to recreate the pearl necklace seen in the Batman movie with Anne Hathaway. This is one of our most popular custom design projects- one of our specialties is Custom Design, and out of all our projects, I think the Dark Knight Rises Necklace is one of the most elegant and beautiful… Anne Hatha

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