Antique statue

Explore the world of antique statues and bring a touch of history to your home decor. Find unique and captivating ideas to showcase the beauty and elegance of these timeless pieces.
AFTER MODELS BY ANTONIO CANOVA (1757-1822) ITALIAN, 19TH CENTURY | DANZATRICE CON LE MANU SUI FIANCHI AND DANZATRICE COL DITO AL MENTO (PAIR OF DANCERS) | Master Paintings & Sculpture Day Sale | Sotheby's Statue, Sculptures, Sculptures Artistiques, Classical Art, Roman Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Statues, Renaissance Art, 19th Century

Property of a Private Collector, New HampshireAFTER MODELS BY ANTONIO CANOVA (1757-1822)ITALIAN, 19TH CENTURYDANZATRICE CON LE MA

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