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Unleash your artistic potential with the best artist pencils. Find a wide range of high-quality pencils to bring your creative ideas to life. Start your artistic journey today!

About this item This is a special curated set specially made by Jerry's Artarama to offer you the best solution for superior colored pencils Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils are widely considered to be the finest professional colored pencils on the market. The vegetable oil-based pencils exhibit a richness of color and smoothness that is unparalleled by any other brand, without the ugly wax bloom that develops with layering, like other popular brands on the market. The barrel houses…

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About this item CREATE YOUR PERFECT PORTRAITS with your skin colored pencils when using this multicultural range of assorted skin tone colors. These pencils are water soluble and are not meant to be used as watercolors THESE WILL LAST LONGER when you are using these soft skin colors that have a larger 4mm wax core USE ANY SHARPENER easily because your skin tone pencils will fit, no need to use exacto blades that take up time and possible breakage CREATE FLAWLESS DRAWINGS when you use the…

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