Australian defence force

Discover the Australian Defence Force and its crucial role in safeguarding the nation. Learn about the different branches and career opportunities available for those interested in serving their country.
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1.0 Introduction In the First and Second World Wars, men had come forward to join the colours willingly or, later on, had been compelled by conscription. But after the end of National Service, and the demobilisation of the last conscripts in 1972, Australia’s military needed to find new ways to fill its ranks, without an

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Sky Soldiers assigned to Attack and Mod Companies, 1st Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, and Castle Company, 54th Brigade Engineer Battalion - Airborne, have taken to the rolling hills of Monte Carpegna, Italy to conduct squad live fire exercises. Tough realistic training keeps our paratroopers combat ready and prepared to fight tonight. Photo: 173rd Airborne Brigade

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