Authentic lasagna recipe

Discover a mouthwatering and authentic lasagna recipe that will transport you to Italy. Follow our step-by-step guide and create a homemade lasagna that will impress your family and friends.
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My mother-in-law grew up in Sardegna (Sardinia), Italy and makes the most delicious food! This recipe for Southern Italian Lasagna comes directly from her family in Italy, and it's one of our favorite dinners to make and share with others.

Cathey Taylor
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A classic recipe for homemade Lasagne al Forno (Italian Beef Lasagna) made entirely from scratch. There's truly nothing more comforting than a hot bubbling baked lasagna made with homemade beef ragu, bechamel sauce, silky pasta and topped with melted mozzarella cheese! This traditional Italian recipe will be a comfort food favourite.

Angel Reiter
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I come from an Italian background, so I grew up eating Italian food. I love it. I think it is delicious, hearty, and comforting. Of all the Italian dishes out there, my favorite is lasagna. World’s Best Lasagna Recipe You can make it in many different ways, but lasagna with meat sauce and Italian sausage...Read More

Marget Reynolds
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This here is the authentic Italian Lasagna Bolognese recipe (Lasagne alla Bolognese), the one you would eat in Italy in the best Italian restaurants.It’s the authentic recipe born in the city of Bologna, WITHOUT MOZZARELLA. Oh yes, because, contrary to popular belief, the authentic classic recipe of Lasagna Bolognese does NOT want mozzarella.Lasagna with mozzarella is a VARIANT of this classic Lasagna recipe and you can find it mainly in southern Italy, often together with ricotta.

Valerie Hunt