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Find the perfect notebook for writers to capture your thoughts and ideas. Enhance your writing experience with our top picks for author notebooks and unleash your creativity.
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I love new notebooks. They contain such promise - but I think that is why so many of us don’t use them. I know I certainly have a shelf FULL of blank pages. But I’ve been watching Sarra of Heart Breathings on YouTube and she has been giving advice on how we can fill our notebooks with her video: H

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FREE CHEAT SHEET: I'm a sucker for cheat sheets.   I think of them as personal consultants who keep me up to speed... Lucy Calkins, Humour, Anchor Charts, Writing A Book, Writing Help, Writing Resources, Essay Writing, Writing Skills, Common Core Writing

I have a confession to make. I'm a sucker for cheat sheets. I think of them as personal consultants who keep me up to speed on topics I should know about - but don’t. I've actually memorized key points from them so I’d be able to contribute something to discussions on district issues or educational trends. Shameless, I know. But in a pinch, they're lifesavers! Of course, I don't wave them around or distribute copies of them to my colleagues. I just stash a few away in some easily-accessible…

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