Autumn harvest

Indulge in the flavors of the season with these delicious autumn harvest recipes. From hearty soups to comforting desserts, discover the perfect dishes to cozy up with this fall.
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If you are producing one of the many Broadway musicals or dramatic stage productions that are set on farms, the time may come where you want to incorporate corn stalks as part of your set dressing. However, taking a stalk out of the ground and bringing it into your theater will result in it quickly dying. Fortunately, ...

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This fall we released several new Kiel James Patrick flannel dresses and shirts in addition to fall kids sweaters. Sharing a couple of the new styles here today along with some autumn pictures to set the mood. This month is flying by and I’m holding onto the season for as long as long as I can — the season is far too short. We stopped by our favorite Cider Mill in CT this weekend and are trying to do all of the fall things on our bucket list before everyone kicks into holiday mode.

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