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Elevate your style with avant garde outfit ideas that push the boundaries of fashion. Discover unique and daring looks to make a statement and express your individuality.
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Traditionally, the dress code for the red carpet is highly regulated, with men required to wear black tuxedos and women expected to don elegant ball gowns. However, over the years, the rules have become less strict, with celebrities opting for more casual and sometimes unconventional outfits. Today, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities showing up in T-shirts, sneakers, and even Crocs, challenging the traditional expectations of what it means to dress for the occasion.

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Pause and reflect, imagine a perfect world. How does it look like? Try to dig deeper, what does it allow? what does it ban? Who keeps the order and enforce the rules? Is there need for rules at all? Utopia, derived from Greek, meaning Nowhere; i.e- a reality that cannot be, anywhere. We believe that the perfect world, is one without men; where is men, there cannot be an utopia. The places that resemble utopia most, are the ones where human did not set foot - where the land is still virgin…

Prakarti Agarwal