Bad family photos

Prepare to laugh and cringe with these hilarious and awkward bad family photos. Get inspired to create your own memorable and unique family portraits.
And another one...

The child some point we as humans said to ourselves, "Yeah! If it's okay for a dog, why not a kid?" From the supermarkets of suburbia to the streets of New York City, to the cobblestone roads of "The Happiest Place on Earth," there is a child leashing epidemic sweeping the nation. Here are 35 of the most ridiculous sightings of children on leashes to date.

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For most of the world, getting through the '80s was a bumpy ride, and the '90s weren't much better until later on. Kids, or their insane parents, did the most regrettable things with their hair, and these school photos are most likely not something they look back on even a little bit fondly. In fact, we're pretty sure all of these hairstyles are now illegal.

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