Banh Xeo

Learn how to make the crispy and savory Banh Xeo at home with these delicious recipes. Get inspired and create your own Vietnamese culinary masterpiece.
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Another childhood favourite! Sizzling Vietnamese crepes, aka Banh Xeo. The best crepes are crispy on the outside, and accompanied with loads of fresh vegetables. These crepes are filled with pork belly, shrimp, bean sprouts and, at times, mung bean, every bite is a treat. It’s always served with fresh, crunchy lettuce, as well...

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Bánh xèo tastes best on a cold and raining day. There's something about the cold and rain that beckon my senses to the beautiful sizzling aroma of turmeric, pork, shrimp, green scallion and bean sprouts. What could be better than enjoying a piping hot, crunchy delicious bánh xèo while listening to the falling rain from the kitchen nook on a cold crisp lazy afternoon? Maybe washing it all down with a exquisitely chilled lucky Buddha beer. Bánh xèo, literally translates to "sizzling cake"…


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