Barrettes diy

Get creative and make your own unique barrettes with these DIY ideas. Add a personal touch to your hairstyles and stand out from the crowd with these easy-to-make hair accessories.
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Beaded barrettes are elegant and beautiful on any type of hair. While they might seem difficult to make, you can easily learn how to create your own stunning beaded barrettes with the right tools and materials. Anchoring the first bead can...

Cathy Mann
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I’m back today with another DIY project, this time to make your very own hair accessories using the square stitch method of beading. Attaching each bead one at a time can seem like a tedious process, but don’t let that discourage you. Once you find a rhythm you will be cranking out a bunch of these

Alejandra Del Pilar Baeza Cuevas
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Today we have Susan from Love Of Home visiting and sharing her DIY Hair Accessories Tutorial. These DIY Barrettes are adorable, easy to make, and perfect for gifts. I love the idea of making them with my girls. Maybe we should have a girl’s craft night and invite their friends. So cute! MATERIALS Metal Barrettes – …

Darcy Dreveny