Bear species

Explore the world of bear species and learn about their unique characteristics and habitats. Get inspired by the incredible diversity of bears and their important role in the ecosystem.
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what you get:1 ZIP folder contents: AI×1(All designs in 1 file with breed names) , RGBcolor, no background PDF×1(All designs in 1 file with breed names) , 300dpi, RGBcolor, white background, 297*297mm PNG×8(each 1 png has 1 design without breed name), 300dpi, RGBcolor, transparent back, longest side w:80mm(940px), h:188mm(2217px) ★No watermarks on the product ★PNG has no color background ・No returns or refunds ・Can use for personal and small-scale commercial(under 200 sales) use ・Please…

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Get to know How Tall is a Polar Bear and learn about the Polar Bear Height when it is standing on four legs and on hind legs only. know the height of the male and female polar bear. Also know the height of the tallest polar bear ever recorded. Comparison table, charts and pictures of polar bear with other bear species.

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