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Explore the iconic moments and hidden gems from The Beatles' legendary Abbey Road album. Discover the stories behind the songs and immerse yourself in the timeless music of the Fab Four.
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On August 8 1969, The Beatles were on a photoshoot for their eleventh studio album, Abbey Road. The album’s cover remains as recognisable as the music it holds. Photographer Iain Macmillan (20 October 1938 – 8 May 2006) had only a few minutes to get George, Paul, Ringo and John into position. There have … Continue reading "The Beatles Abbey Road Photoshoot – August 8 1969"

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50 years ago today, The Beatles gathered at EMI Studios on the morning of Friday 8 August 1969 for one of the most famous photo shoots of their career. We take a deeper look into the story behind one of the most famous photo-shoots in rock ‘n’ roll history.

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