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Learn the art of floral design and start your journey to become a florist. Explore the steps, tips, and resources to pursue your dream of working with flowers and creating beautiful arrangements.
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I’M NOT A FLORIST I'm not a florist. Weird, right? I own a floral company, but I don't consider myself a florist. When I had the idea to do a flower truck, I asked a friend of mine, Laura (who is a florist) to be my partner. She decided to pass and for me that was a huge obstacle to tackle. How was I going to start a f

Stephanie Boak
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I’ve looked back on the floristry path that’s taken me to where I am now and thought about the choices I made that shaped the way I am as a florist now. Here I’ve put together a few decisions that came to defining what kind of florist I’d like to be. I ummed and erred over them for months on end pr

Rustee Willow Farms
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These essential tips and tricks will make your daily floral design operations run smoothly and produce long lasting results. Many floral design experts may already be using some if not all of these tips and tricks, For those new to the floristry industry take a look at these Top 10 fundamental tips to guide you […]

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