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Enhance your garden with a bee hive to attract pollinators and promote a thriving ecosystem. Explore top ideas to create a bee-friendly environment and enjoy the benefits of a buzzing garden.
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With the approach of spring, let’s examine some various aspects of comb construction, ending with an example of straight combs destroyed. My top-bar hives and frame hives will provide a wide selection of comb-building situations. Sometimes comb construction records a nectar flow. In Figure 1, we see a small piece of burr comb. Figure 2 ...

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HOW TO TELL IF YOU HAVE A STRONG HIVE Kearney, Carini, Bee, Hives, Girls Be Like, Beehive Image, I Love Bees, Strong, Honey Bee

Assessing your hive’s strength is an important skill for new beekeepers to learn. Many help resources for new beekeepers will reference strong hives versus weak hives and call upon the beekeeper to make decisions based on the robustness of their colony, but how can you tell? How do you evaluate the performance of your colony? Read on …

Heather Brown

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