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Explore heartwarming best friend texts that will bring a smile to your face. Share these touching messages with your best friend to show them how much they mean to you.
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Women have to deal with so many things on a daily basis. Hello to all the women out there! If you are a girl or a woman and you think you have to deal with difficult situations on a daily basis, then let us tell you. You are not alone. We are all with you.

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As much as we hate it, it’s basically an unwritten rule that parents are meant to embarrass you. But with the development of technology and communication, there’s a whole new world of humiliation that’s been opened up—which is accidentally texting your parents something you shouldn’t have. From accidentally texting Dad instead of Dan, to unintentionally telling your mom you’re married, to sending your parents naughty Valentine’s Day memes by accident, check out these hilarious “Oops, wrong…

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