Billie Jean King

Learn about the influential career and legacy of Billie Jean King, a trailblazing tennis player who fought for gender equality. Discover how she revolutionized the sport and inspired generations of athletes.
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So many of the social life's aspects have changed for women in the years. Starting with the right for education and ending with gender equality - all of this didn't happen overnight, and many badass women had to sacrifice their personal lives for a greater cause. Women's Equality Day celebrated on August 26th in the US, commemorates the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, granting women the right to vote. It was certified in 1920, despite being introduced many years earlier in…

Did you know Elton John’s ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ is dedicated to Billie Jean King? At the time (1974), King coached a men’s tennis team called the “Philadelphia Freedoms,” making her one of the first women ever to coach men. Tennis Rules, Tennis Team, Tennis Players, Tennis Court, Tennis Party, Play Tennis, Billie Jean King, Wimbledon, Billy Jean

For the first time, American Masters profiles a sports figure: a deliberate woman who has been a major force in changing, and democratizing, the cultural landscape. To commemorate the 40th anniversaries of both the famous Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs match - the Battle of the Sexes - and the launch of the Women's Tennis Association, the documentary looks back to the 12-year-old southern California girl who played tennis on public courts, observed disparity and unfairness and, as she soared…