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Experience the joy of cooking with Blue Apron meal kits. Discover delicious recipes, fresh ingredients, and convenient delivery options for a hassle-free cooking experience.
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In this dish, a coating of rice flour on chopped chicken just before it hits a hot pan creates a delicate crust—perfect for soaking up a flavorful sauce made with spicy sambal oelek. It’s balanced by fluffy jasmine rice and vegetables stir-fried in a tangy-sweet sauce.

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The star of this wholesome dish is the delicious pan sauce we're spooning over seared chicken, which combines aromatic shallot with balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, and butter for incredibly rich, savory flavor. 13 Points value per serving To learn more about WW's Points program, visit Hey, Chef! Try these WW pro-tips: Skip adding salt during prep and cooking, and see nutrition info for sodium as packaged. Counting Points? Choose nonstick cooking spray (0 Points) instead of…

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This dish is filled with bold, Mexican-style flavors thanks to the creamy cilantro sauce drizzled over spiced chicken, and a bed of rice loaded with toasted pepitas, spicy pickled jalapeño, and bright lime zest. CLICK FOR RECIPE CARD

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Recipe: Potato & Kale Hash with Baked Eggs & Hot Sauce - Blue Apron Oven Chips, Gerd Friendly, Blue Apron Recipes, Reality Bites, Potato Hash, Blue Apron, Crispy Potatoes, Meal Kit, Baked Eggs

For this hearty vegetarian hash, crisped potatoes and robust kale combine in the oven under a layer of melty cheddar cheese—creating a variety of textures and flavors in every bite. For a pleasant kick of heat, we’re drizzling just a touch of hot sauce over the hash and rich baked eggs. 10 green SmartPoints® per serving 8 blue SmartPoints® per serving 4 purple SmartPoints® per serving To learn more about WW and SmartPoints® visit Hey, Chef! Try these WW pro-tips: Skip adding salt…

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Join up now – and if you join from this link, your first two meals are on us. 1. Like a good chiropractor or therapist, Blue Apron gives me just the right nudge to move my cooking in a new direction. I consider myself a pretty creative cook, yet certain ingredients like catfish or collard greens never made it to my week day repertoire. There’s a new spark to our dinners on Blue Apron nights. 2. As a new dad, I want to spend more time at home with my infant son.

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