Blue tigers eye

Enhance your style with stunning blue tiger's eye jewelry and accessories. Find the perfect pieces to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your look.
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Protection | Calming | Memory Blue Tiger's Eye like the gold / brown variety is a protective stone that traditionally warded off curses and ill wishes. Blue Tigers Eye is a useful aid to memory and mental agility as it helps to integrate the right and left sides of the brain. Blue Tigers Eye has a healing effect on th

Judy Skahl
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Blue Tigers Eye is an amazing stone that will make your mind brighter. Aside from that, it has been appreciated as a strong talisman from the ancient period. This stone, on the other hand, will keep you relaxed and secure all throughout your flight. As a matter of fact, having a piece of this stone with you will aid you to extend your horizons as well as find better opportunities. Read on and discover the other Blue-Tigers-Eye benefits that you may reap when you consider using this stone.

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