Body joints

Learn about the different types of body joints and how they function. Explore exercises and tips to keep your joints healthy and flexible for a pain-free life.
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Definition of joints Click images to enlarge. A joint is a place where two or more bones meet, and is classified according to the amount of movement there is. Classification of joints Fixed joints are very stable and do not allow any movement. Examples are the sutures of the skull bones and the pelvic bones. …

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To understand conditions and injuries of the knee, it is essential to look at the joint’s structure, meaning the anatomy of the knee and the function of the important structures such as the meniscus, the cruciate ligament, and the cartilage.

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You may not look or feel your age most days, but there’s nothing like a little snap, crackle, and pop of your joints to remind you how many candles there are on the cake. As we get older, we almost start to creak when we get up after sitting for a while or physically exerting

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