Bourbon cherries

Indulge in the rich flavors of bourbon cherries with these mouthwatering recipes. From cocktails to desserts, discover how to incorporate this irresistible ingredient into your favorite dishes.
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Infused with vanilla beans and orange liqueur, once you make these bourbon-soaked cherries, you will never buy store-bought again! Not only do these cherries make a great addition to your holiday bar cart, but they also make a wonderful gift! Package them up in a pretty little glass jar and tie with a ribbon- and you will be sure to impress any foodie or cocktail connoisseur with these delicious treats!Ingredients:· 1 pound Frozen Sweet Cherries, Thawed (pitted and stems removed)· ½ Cup…

Roxanna Williams
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You must have had delicious cherries decorated beautifully on a Cocktail. Cocktails are usually garnished with taste-enriched beautiful cherries. These cherries are either Luxardo Cherries or Brandied Cherries. Both of these are excellent in taste and quality alike. Luxardo Cherries Although the store-bought version of Luxardo Cherries is great, homemade Luxardo Cherries serve as the best garnishing for the cocktail. Homemade Luxardo Cherries are made up of Luxardo liqueur. You can also try…

Lauren Beth