Boutique floor plan

Design a unique and functional floor plan for your boutique with these creative ideas. Maximize your space and create an inviting environment that will attract customers and showcase your products.
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Hi! Boutique

We'd like to show one of our latest projects we've been working on. We were responsible to prepare an interior design and visualizations for the upcoming boutique with women's clothing and leatherware. Our clue was to prepare a space which will be sophist…

Joao Mazuzyk
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Retail Store Layout - Mixed Plan

NOLA Designs is a Retail Interior Design Firm led by Nickeisha Lewis based in Ontario, Canada. We specialize in helping women-owned businesses create profitable retail stores and pop up shops, through interior design, consulting and visual merchandising services.

Kaylee Lawson
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Bridal Showroom

WEST meets EAST, is a bridal showroom concept working with an Interior Designer. This concept will be developed in over a hundred bridal showrooms in China, and the end client is a bridal dress manufacture. The client wanted a look that came from Californ…