Breast implant illness

Learn more about breast implant illness, including common symptoms, potential causes, and available treatment options. Take control of your health and make informed decisions about breast implants.
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I’m a big fan of believing women when they feel sick and I'm not seeing this information about breast implants getting shared enough. But first a little history. Breast implants started off as experimental devices in the 1960's. The FDA did not regulate medical devices until 1976, so breast implants were considered 'grandfathered devices.' Essentially...Read More

I didn't think breast implant illness existed until I did! My a-ha moment came while I was trying to figure out what I had to do to stop picking my nose. Breast Implant Illness, Breast Cancer, Hypochondriacs, Implants Breast, Breast, Hormone Health, Stress And Health, Health And Wellbeing, Attention Seekers

Breast Implant Illness. It's not real. Up until eight months ago, that's what I thought. I've had my breast implants for 17 years and it wasn't eight months ago while doing research to figure how what I was having a bad hair year and was picking my nose all the time opened my eyes to the possibility that years unresolved health issues led right back to the silicone bags in my chest. Breast Implant Illness isn't just a thing for hypochondriacs and attention-seekers, like I thought. It might…

Jenn Ammons
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Before I begin this post, I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you that have helped me through this journey. I only share all of this because I hope that through it all, I can help shed some light on this “hid in the dark tunnel” topic and help others

Mariah Atkin