Bright clothes

Add a pop of color to your style with these vibrant and bright clothes. Discover top ideas to create eye-catching and cheerful outfits for any occasion.
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Amekaji, which translates as 'American Casual', is a sub-style of Gyaru. It is bright, colourful and inspired by the ficitionised stereotypical idea of America. The style is very comfortable and casual, and has been noted to be particularly forgiving to Gyaru of all shapes and sizes as loose fitting clothing is appropiate. Prints are often bold and brightly coloured, with big print wording or cute patterns on clothing. Hats are often worn, such as baseball caps, beanies and spirit hoods…


What it's like to love someone completely different. ... They tell you: "Don't go with the wrong mix." In potions, a rule exists that if two incompatible ingredients were mixed, you could either blow up your cauldron or mess up your brew. It is apparent how two wrongs don't make one right. But there's another existing theory that states that in the art of potion making, if you manage to make two inharmonious things work together, then it might actually does. Just like them. He's the…

Carolina Vicente