Buddha board

Unleash your creativity with Buddha Board, a unique art form that allows you to create beautiful designs with just water. Discover the endless possibilities and find your inner peace through the art of Buddha Board.
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The girls come from a family of painters. Their grandma (my mother-in-law) has done some beautiful paintings and drawings --in my opinion, she is the queen of sunsets. Their abuela (great-grandma) is an accomplished artist who often combines her work of counseling with art creating simply stunning works. I enjoy painting and try to do it regularly (one of my pieces actually hang in our sitting area). I'm a firm believer in including your children in what you enjoy. The girls show a…

Funky Frugal Mommy
DIY Buddha Board for Zia.  On my priorities list. Yoga For Kids, Buddha Board, Mindfulness For Kids, Diy Outdoor Decor, Outdoor Paint, Toddler Fun, Mom Day, Camping Art, Diy Stuff

I have always wanted a Buddha Board, it seems so relaxing to paint something and then it disappears and you get to start over again. Now that I have children there are more reasons to want one. If your kids are like mine they LOVE to paint. The problem is that I always find that I spend more time cleaning then they do painting, which is why a Buddha Board would be awesome since you just need water! I could have gone out to buy one, but when I looked they were too expensive for us to buy, so…

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