Burning wood art

Discover the beauty of burning wood art with these unique and creative ideas. Create stunning pieces that showcase your artistic talent and add a touch of warmth to any space.
a person wood burning onto a wood slice with a pyrography tool. the title is: what wood not to burn on Decoration, Pyrography, Upcycling, Ideas, Wood Burning Tips, Wood Burning Techniques, Wood Burning Tool, Wood Tools, Wood Burning Patterns

Not all wood is safe for this art form. Wood burning can be a safe hobby when you follow the guidelines & safety precautions. Too many times I see artists not using a mask & burning their art without any proper ventilation. Although you may not see any side effects from doing this right away, you should be warned that there may be long term effects that can be avoided!! How to woodburn safely. Click to learn what wood not to burn on! Tips & tricks for buring a wood slice safely and stay…

Basia Chmielowiec | fine line pyrography