Calamari fra diavolo recipe

Indulge in the bold flavors of this Calamari Fra Diavolo recipe. Learn how to prepare this spicy Italian dish and impress your guests with a taste of the sea.
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This Calamari Pasta Fra Diavolo is a super-savory combination of tender, slow-cooked calamari in a rich tomato sauce that has been seriously spiked with two forms of heat. The calamari is braised until it has just the right texture, imparting its fantastic flavor to the sauce along the way. Despite this dish needing some cooking time to break down the calamari, it is actually very simple to prepare with a few key ingredients.

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Linguine with Spicy Calamari | Williams Sonoma

<p>The secret to a good calamari dish is simple: the seafood must be very fresh and it must be cooked quickly to remain tender. Purchasing squid that has already been cleaned will save you a lot of preparation time, making this a dish a quick option for nights when you’re craving a light pasta dish.</p>

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