Canine tooth

Restore your confidence and improve your smile with canine tooth implants. Discover the benefits of this dental procedure and find a trusted dental professional near you.
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Do you know anyone just recovering from or about to undergo dental surgery? Is there a little one in your life beginning to lose her teeth? Well, then this teeth digital stamp is the perfect element in either a get-well card or a little note to the Tooth Fairy.

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The Four Types of Teeth and How They Function There are four different types of teeth. They are incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Incisors: They are also called biting teeth. They are flat, blade-like teeth. The incisors are the front teeth and are so-called because they help to incise (cut) food. Canines: They are also […]

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Measurement of Teeth Readers who are not familiar with the Boley gauge should study its use before reading the following instructions on the application of the table of measurements. To understand the table, let us demonstrate the calibrations as recorded […]

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