Canning soup

Discover a variety of delicious homemade soup recipes that are perfect for canning. Preserve the flavors of your favorite soups and enjoy them throughout the year with these easy canning recipes.
Creating DIY instant soup mixes is a great way to stockpile food with a long shelf-life for emergencies. Just add boiling water. Dry Soup Mix Recipes, Homemade Soup Mix, Homemade Pantry, Soup Mixes, Dehydrated Soup Mix Recipes, Dehydrated Meals, Dry Vegetable Soup Mix Recipe, Can Soup Recipe, Garden Vegetable Soup

If you want to make your own instant soups you’ll need to assemble a lot of different dry ingredients. Some are easy like instant mashed potatoes. Others can be a little more complicated if you make your own bacon bits although you can buy them ready-made. This recipe uses instant mashed potatoes and bacon bits with dried chives. The bacon bits can be either real bacon or bacon flavored TVP. The TVP will give you a longer shelf-life.

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