Cardboard furniture design

Explore unique and eco-friendly furniture design ideas using cardboard. Discover how cardboard can be transformed into stylish and functional pieces for your home.
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On a tight budget and moving into your first apartment with no furniture? Don't despair! We have a few brilliant cardboard furniture ideas that will save you a fortune, and allow you to be creative and unique with your décor.

Michelle Singleton Peck
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Dual Use Cardboard Furniture: As cardboard boxes are discarded as waste and available plenty, an idea passed in my brain to create something useful with it, then after some search in internet came up with an idea of creating this dual purpose cardboard furniture.

Stacy Petite
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Super-Sturdy Cardboard Shelving: This is an easy way to take otherwise flimsy cardboard and turn it into something durable that you're willing to display and use in your home. (Dimensions: 36"x15"x5.5" [91.5cmx31cmx14cm]) Most of the other designs I've seen online for cardboard fur…

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