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Discover the cutest cat face ideas that will melt your heart. Get inspired to create adorable cat face art and find the perfect cat face makeup look for your next costume party.
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Izzy the cat has a face so adorable and expressive, that it can even compete with her sister Zoë’s perfectly shaped heart-marking on the chest (post about this cute cat is already on Bored Panda). While Zoë initially brought in most of the fans on their joint Instagram account, Izzy has now conquered the hearts of just about all of them as well. The pet cat doesn’t have any special markings – but she does have a very adorable face with giant golden eyes.

Mark Spencer
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Fluffy artists. That's the only way to call cats of the unique and worldwide-known Kuklachev's Cat Theater. At the end of 2021, Veronica Ershova and I spent a week in the company of Dmitry Kuklachev, photographing the most charismatic members of his troupe.

Jasper Junker