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Discover a wide range of symbols and special characters with the Character Map. Enhance your documents and communication with unique characters to express your ideas and creativity.
Character Traits-Character Map...great one! Also has a page full of adjectives about character!! Reading, Reading Comprehension, Reading Resources, English, 4th Grade Reading, 2nd Grade Reading, 3rd Grade Reading, School Reading, Teaching Reading

We are about to start our Fiction unit in 3rd grade where I teach. I always find that kids love fiction much more than non-fiction--probably because it is more imaginative. Fiction is fun to teach as well! There are so many wonderful books to use with fiction units! Here are a few we use to introduce (or reintroduce) the students to fiction! We use many more books, of course, but these are some of my favorites! They are full of wonderful characters, great changes with the characters and…

Summer Miller
I created this character map that I use during stations.  I copy the Character Traits on the back and have them highlight the traits that de... Literature Circles, Third Grade Reading, 5th Grade Reading, Readers Workshop, Reading Comprehension, English, Reading, School Reading, 4th Grade Reading

I created this character map that I use during stations. I copy the Character Traits on the back and have them highlight the traits that describe the character. Then, they write them on the front of the page in the Character Traits section. They draw an illustration of the character in the middle of the page. I love it because I can use it during stations for the story of the week, whole group, or they can even complete it independently using the main character from their AR book. Click on…

Character Traits or use to describe Historical person.  Student to draw what they think person looks like and write sentences to describe and explain. Teaching, Inspiration, Pre K, Literatura, Lecture, Teaching Ela, List, School, 3rd Grade Reading

Hi all! The big day is Tuesday! That's my first day back with my little sweeties. I'm getting excited and nervous. Yeah, can you believe after all these years of teaching I still get excited and nervous! I'm starting again this year with 30 firsties and I'm sure it will increase. I guess I should be used to it but I don't think I ever will. I thought I'd share with everyone some little tools I print to have on hand when I'm working in guided reading with my kiddos. I print several copies and…

Megan Hibberts