Chest covered hijab style

Discover elegant and modest hijab styles that cover the chest. Explore a variety of trendy and fashionable ways to wear the chest covered hijab style and elevate your modest fashion game.
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Hijab Definition is a head cover that Muslim women cover their head with to follow the teachings of Islam. In multiple verses of Quran Al Kareem it is said. Women in Islam have been obliged by Allah to cover their head whenever they go out. Also when in front of their Na-Mahram’s. Women in Islam […]

Putra Syaban Akas
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Hijab is a term commonly used to refer to the modest dress code and covering worn by Muslim women. It is an important aspect of Islamic culture and is worn as a representation of faith, modesty, and personal identity. Hijab typically refers to the head covering worn by Muslim women, but it can also encompass a broader concept of modesty and dressing in a way that is in accordance with Islamic values. The hijab can come in various styles and forms, depending on cultural and personal…

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— two styles yang boleh cover ur chest, depan and belakang. i love the material sebab lembut and senang nak bentuk 🫶🏻 steal this look for office, cafe hunting or uni class :> kalau korang tak faham:...

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