Chili lime vinaigrette recipe

Add a burst of flavor to your salads with this mouthwatering chili lime vinaigrette recipe. Try it now and elevate your salad game with a zesty twist.
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Love making salad dressings at home? If so you are in the right place. This chili lime vinaigrette is deliciously tangy and spicy. It comes together in inly 5 minutes and can be multipled. Make a batch, drizzle on salads, or mariande your favorite meets.

Bree Palmer
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Copycat Chick-fil-A side salad with chili lime vinaigrette dressing is an easy, healthy recipe that is simple and quick to make. Perfect for BBQ and parties, this garden salad recipe is a breeze to double for a crowd. The fresh ingredients come together in a snap to make a delightfully light and refreshing lunch or dinner.

Woodrow Sunderman