Chinese holidays

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of China by celebrating Chinese holidays. Explore the vibrant traditions, delicious cuisine, and exciting festivities that make these holidays truly special.
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Top 7 Questions about Chinese New Year | Unfamiliar China

A Summary and Infographic for the 7 Most Common Questions about Chinese New Year Including New Year’s Food, Activities, Decorations, Tradition, and Customs.

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Site has link to pdf sheet to print   Includes Chinese character for "Rat," which years are designated "Year of the Rat," story of the Chinese zodiac, Characteristics of people born in the year, suggested careers for Rats  Lunar New Year, Chinese zodiac, mice, mouse, Spring Festival, printables, art, Chinese holidays, China, Mandarin Characteristics Of People, Chinese New Year Zodiac, Chinese New Year Crafts For Kids, Chinese New Year Activities, Zodiac Characteristics, Mice Mouse, Chinese New Year Card, Chinese Holidays, Chinese New Year Crafts

Printable Year of the Rat Craft Projects for the Chinese New Year

This article includes over 20 easy craft projects for Chinese New Year celebrations. Each of these "Year of the Rat" crafts comes with a printable template to help you get started. Busy parents, librarians, and teachers can print these decorations for kids to use in crafts.

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