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Explore the important work of a civil rights lawyer in fighting for equality and justice. Learn how these legal professionals advocate for the rights of individuals and communities.
Op-Ed Celebrating Selma without fixing the Voting Rights Act dishonors the sacrifices of Bloody Sunday England, Alabama, High School, American Exceptionalism, Black Presidents, Black History, Civil Rights Leaders, Civil Rights Activists, American Freedom

Long after he had left his career as a civil rights lawyer to become a justice on the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall described his 1944 success in a case striking down all-white primary elections in Texas as his “greatest victory.”

Dallas, Texas activist attorney Adelfa Botello Callejo is honored in downtown Dallas with a bronze sculpture. Click the link to learn more about Callejo and the sculpture. Texas, Monuments, Art, Historian, Dallas, American, Activist, Mexican American, Law

In downtown Dallas, Texas is a beautiful sculpture honoring attorney and activist Adelfa Botello Callejo, the first femal Mexican American graduate of the SMU Dedman College of Law. If you are visiting Dallas, be sure to seek out this amazing, larger-than-life art piece. Click the link to learn more about Callejo and her activism.

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Lawyers are a popular subject for movies. Depending on the story, they might be portrayed as cutthroat and cold-hearted, or as passionate and willing to sacrifice their well-being for justice. Some of the best compelling films about lawyers showcase the latter. In the real world, human rights lawyers face many challenges. They focus on human […]