Explore the versatility of cobalt with these creative ideas for incorporating it into your home decor and fashion. Discover how this vibrant color can add a bold and stylish touch to your surroundings.
Adding the Soothing Essence of Cobalt Blue into the Kitchen | Big Chill Turquoise, Pantone, Blue And Purple, Electric Blue, Cobalt Blue, Shades Of Blue, Blue Dream, Blue Moon, Blues

Cobalt blue is an extremely stable, vibrant shade of blue that results when cobalt salts and aluminum oxide are mixed. Historically popular in glassmaking, pottery, porcelain, and tiles, Cobalt blue was used by famous artists that were attracted to it’s saturated, eye-catching hue. Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Maxfield Parrish were all fans of using Cobalt blue in their work. Cobalt blue also has been used historically as a coloring agent in Chinese Porcelain.

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