Colonial Architecture

Explore the elegance and charm of colonial architecture with these captivating ideas. Discover how to incorporate colonial elements into your home design for a timeless and sophisticated look.

The most important aspect when selecting shutters is to make sure that they fit your style and represent what you are attempting to represent, be it traditional and meeting historical designs, or truly showing off your personality and interests. With so many possibilities, there are some guidelines that may influence your choices such as colors, styles, and options. Traditionally, shutters were purely functional in nature, before screens and even paned windows, so protection from t…

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The Helpful Art Teacher: Architecture Detective: What types of architecture can you find in your neighborhood? Residential Architecture, Colonial, Architectural Styles, House Design, Architecture, Exterior, Design, Architecture House, Architectural Elements

Be an architecture detective. Print out the worksheets in this article and take them with you as you explore your neighborhood and city. See if you can identify the architectural styles of the buildings around you, using the clues in the worksheets. Take photographs of the most interesting buildings and make a note of their street number and address. When you get home, take out your photographs and examine all the clues you can find. Make notes on the architectural evidence that lets you…

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Fort Kochi in Kerala is known for Chinese Fishing nets, Jew Town, Fort Kochi beach, Mattancherry markets, and the colonial Dutch architecture. The lesser-known beach Cherai beach is calm and an offbeat thing to do. My detailed Fort Kochi travel blog lists down the best and offbeat things to do in Fo

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