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Transform your space with these creative color grouping ideas. Discover how to create a vibrant and harmonious look in your home using different color combinations.
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Another hard-to-find, but really fascinating book. The author guides one step by step in a process of identifying favorite color palettes. The book has a definite Japanese feel, and once in a while you’ll run into a word used in a way you wouldn’t have expected (I would guess because it’s been translated), but overall […]

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Name Hex RGB lightcoral F08080 240,128,128 rosybrown BC8F8F 188,143,143 indianred CD5C5C 205,92,92 red FF0000 255,0,0 firebrick B22222 178,34,34 brown A52A2A 165,42,42 darkred 8B0000 139,0,0 maroon 800000 128,0,0 mistyrose FFE4E1 255,228,225 salmon FA8072 250,128,114 tomato FF6347 255,99,71 darksalmon E9967A 233,150,122 coral FF7F50 255,127,80 orangered FF4500 255,69,0 lightsalmon FFA07A 255,160,122 sienna A0522D 160,82,45 seashell FFF5EE 255,245,238 chocolate D2691E 210,105,30 saddlebrown…

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Hello, friends! A few years back I had "Inspired by Pinterest" video series on my blog and Youtube channel. I would look for inspiration on Pinterest, turn it into a card and film a video of the process. I've long since retired that series, but I still keep an "Inspiration and Color" board on Pinterest

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Decorating your home can be overwhelming; especially if you don't have any idea what colors play well together! Get all the inspiration you need with these beautiful 25 Home Decor Color Match Palettes. #colormatch #colorpalettes #homedecor #homepictures #homedecorating #homedecoration

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