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At first glance, these ten covers seem to have no apparent unifying theme, other than that they are quite lovely and from a relatively short range of time -- late 1971 to Spring of 1973. Take a closer look at them and you will see that in the background, each has an African-American couple as witnes

lili mossman
Esther González's Fun And Quirky Comics (New Pics) Croquis, Humour, Comic Art, Kawaii, Illustrators, Comics, Doodles, Comic Strips, Fun Comics

A new day means more new comics… and today is no exception because we’d like you to meet the comic illustrator Esther González, the creator of popular webcomics called 'miss.pad_thai.' Esther’s comics often depict awkward and relatable real-life scenarios with funny twists. The Spanish artist decided that it would be a fun idea to illustrate what it would be like to depict a not-so-glamorous side of life with all ups and downs. With that being said, we believe her quirky comics are sure to…

Mary Touby
30 Sweet Comics By Luong Thuy Show What Being In A Relationship Is Like (New Pics) Humour, Relationship Comics, Relationship Cartoons, Love Story Comics, Romantic Comics, Couples Comics, Cute Couple Comics, Couple Cartoon, Cute Love Cartoons

What is love? Besides a hit song immediately popping into your head with the answer "baby don't hurt me," there is no right or wrong answer to this question. The definition is personal and different to everyone; some might not even have a definition as long as it feels right. Vietnamese artist Luong Thuy, known on social media as beisme08, shares honest everyday moments from life with her loving boyfriend and it looks like they are relationship goals. These comics range from extremely…

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Jean-Nicolas Bourdon returns with a fresh batch of captivating and amusing comics in part 2 of "WTFramecomics" here on Bored Panda (click here for part 1). Building on the creative foundation laid in the first post, Jean-Nicolas continues to surprise and entertain his audience with even more unexpected twists, engaging characters, and relatable situations that resonate with his followers.

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