Community helpers

Explore the important roles played by community helpers in our society and how they contribute to making our lives better. Find out more about these amazing individuals and their impact on our communities.
COMMUNITY HELPERS freebie - read the clues and kids guess the community helper - free games and activities to learn about firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, pilots, reporters, chefs.  Use this complete unit and FREEBIES for preschool - pre-k - kindergarten or first grade - all about me and my community - writing - reading - science and social studies thematic teaching #kindergarten #communityhelpers Community Helpers Activities, Community Helpers Preschool Activities, Preschool Lessons, Preschool Learning Activities, Teaching Kindergarten, Community Helpers Special Education, Community Helpers Matching Game, Community Helpers Police, Kindergarten Posters

ALL ABOUT ME & MY COMMUNITY I absolutely love teaching All About Me and My Community ! In this unit we cover four themes that are so much fun: All About Me, All About My Family, All About Community Helpers and When I Grow Up. You all know that I love thematic teaching units , and this

Angelina Thomas
SSKE1 The student will describe the work that people do (police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, baker, farmer, doctor, and teacher). Social Studies Communities, Communities Unit, Teaching Social Studies, Kindergarten Social Studies Activities, Social Studies Classroom, Space Activities, All About Me Social Studies Activities, Panda Activities, Social Studies For Kids

I hope everyone has gotten back into the routine of school. My kiddos are working hard each day to remember our expectations and daily routines, as well as learning lots of new skills. We started our phonics skills progression two weeks ago. We focused on short a the first week and then short a word families the next week. Each new vowel I am making an anchor poster to display in the room. The kiddos came up with all of the words and then I added the pictures. Anchor charts are such a great…

Shelbi Danielle