Concrete formwork

Discover innovative and practical concrete formwork ideas to enhance your construction projects. Get inspired and take your concrete work to the next level with these top formwork techniques.
Concrete formwork is a temporary supporting structure for concrete when it is placed at the construction site to keep the concrete in position and shape ti Wales, English, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Formwork, Concrete Structure, Steel Fabrication, Concrete Footings, Concrete House, Concrete Houses

🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteConcrete formwork checklist includes checks to be carried out before concreting, during concreting and after removal of formwork. Concrete formwork possesses both quality and safety threats. If the formwork is not right for the concrete and work is being done at height, it may cause safety issue. Concrete formwork is a […]

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The mould elements might be conventional or industrialized.Engineered Formwork Systems are a combination of timber, steel, aluminium and plastic and their names vary depending on the factory that produces them.

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Insulated concrete formwork or ICF is a sustainable alternative to traditional residential and commercial building construction practices. ICF is rapidly gaining recognition in the construction industry as a robust, high performance yet affordable building system that delivers numerous advantages to any build. However, some specifiers continue to be sceptic about this innovative concrete form. As […]

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The construction of an addition generally follows the same construction process as any major renovation. There are some differences, however. One difference we like is that when building an addition, we get to build our own walls, etc. so we know they will be square, plumb, level, and structurally sound. ...