Condition leather couch

Learn how to properly condition your leather couch to keep it looking and feeling luxurious. Discover the best techniques and products to maintain the beauty and durability of your leather furniture.
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I recently shared my distressed leather sofa and got all kinds of questions about how to clean a leather couch. Is it difficult? What products to you need? How often should you clean it? So I'm back to give you all the details on cleaning leather. Leather is one of the most durable materials

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Does it surprise anybody else how dirty a couch gets? Cleaning your leather couch with dirty chemicals is not only bad for the couch, but you as well. Make the switch to this DIY leather cleaner and conditioner that is made with all natural ingredients. A clean cleaner! It takes less than a minute to make, which means that it is quicker to refill the bottle than to run to the store.

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Other Great Tips! How to Remove Grease and Oil From Clothing How to Make Fabric Softener Sheets How to Clean a Toilet with Coke Use Mayonnaise to Remove Water Marks on Wood Condition Your Leather Furniture Is your favorite leather chair not looking its best? Use this tip to bring new life to it! Spray […]

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Howard Premium Leather Salve goes above and beyond other leather conditioners on the market by using the finest natural waxes and refined oils available, combined with Orange Oil to rejuvenate, restore, and revive all smooth leather. It restores the lost suppleness to dehydrated leather, reduces scratches, and helps to preserve leather from future decay. Safe […]

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Recently, Pretty Princess sent me a link to a blog about using extra-virgin olive oil on leather furniture to hide scratches. She is the one who insisted we move our mean cat, Coal, from Kansas to South Carolina where he took out his anger at being left at home while we made a trip back for a visit so I guess it's fitting that she helped find a reasonable restoration. If you want to know more about Coal who eventually moved back to Kansas before we did (lest you feel badly for the bully)…

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