Constantine the great

Explore the fascinating life and lasting impact of Constantine the Great, the influential Roman emperor who shaped the course of history. Learn about his achievements, his conversion to Christianity, and his enduring legacy.
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Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! Sts. Constantine and Helen the Equal-to-the-Apostles - Commemorated on May 21st ( "The Church calls St Constantine (306-337) "the Equal of the Apostles," and historians call him "the Great." He was the son o the Caesar Constantius Chlorus (305-306), who governed the lands of Gaul and Britain. His mother was St Helen, a Christian of humble birth. At this time the immense Roman Empire was divided into Western…

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The vision of the Cross appeared to Constantine in the sky on the eve of a… Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci, Art, Fresco, Statue, Traditional Catholic, Religious People, Holy Cross, High Renaissance

The Cross could not be decently mentioned amongst Romans, who looked upon it as an unlucky omen, and as Cicero says, not to be named by a freeman. However, the Emperor Constantine attributed his victory in the Quintian fields, near the bridge Milvius, to the Cross of the Christians, the inscription of which he caused […]

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