Crochet weaves

Discover the art of crochet weaves and transform your hair into stylish and trendy hairstyles. Explore top ideas for crochet weaves and elevate your look today.
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27. Straight Crochet Hair. Without any trace of makeup on her face, she’s managed to pull off a gorgeous and magnificent look that is red-carpet-ready! Courtesy of her posh straight crochet braids hairstyle. The crochet extensions look so sleek and touchable, and the knotless fixing gives it a natural feel.

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13. Full Curly Crochet Hair. The voluminous and springy curly crochet hair looks adorable in a brunette hair color. The curls are well-defined and have amazing movement and volume. The dusting of copper highlights at the ends of the tresses adds an exquisitely grand touch to these crochet braids.

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Many moons ago, when I was much younger, these things called crochet braids started to gain popularity. But, back then, people for whatever reason, opted to by these tiny crimped braids that were made of black and yellow hair that looked like multicolored Ramen noodles . They were just awful. But despite my disapproval, my best friend still insisted in installing them and, since she didn't have the ability to braid, I learned how to install them hooked her up with a head full of tiny…

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