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Explore the thrilling journey of Damian Wayne as he takes on the mantle of Batman's sidekick. Join him in his epic adventures and witness the evolution of this iconic character.
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Damian is his father's son, Ollie. So he'll find a way to bury it and keep going... but he just lost his dad. Superman Damian Wayne was initially Robin, a sidekick to and the son of Batman, before he eventually himself succeeded to the mantle of Batman, shortly after his father's untimely passing. He narrowly avoided infection with the Anti-Life Equation and was protected by Superman in Metropolis at the Daily Planet.[2] Later Superman and Black Canary left and brought The Flash and Kid…

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This is just a bunch of nonsense about the batboys and well the reader. This book is only written for fun and for me to explore and get better at writing. Also just a heads up about my writing skills, they aren't perfect. Feel free to request. Hope you like it?! I do not own any of the pictures or videos used in this book. I also definitely do not own the DC universe. And to finish it off, I don't own any of the characters!

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