Dark Disney Illustration

Discover a collection of dark and mesmerizing Disney illustrations that will leave you spellbound. Explore these unique and haunting artworks that reimagine your favorite Disney characters in a whole new light.
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Many of the fairy tales we love most were originally written by the Brothers Grimm – many years before these tales were turned into successful Disney movies. The writers did everything they could to preserve the German myths and fables – and made them available to future generations. They did this primarily from a linguistic […]

George Ferrier
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Hello, wonderful readers. The time has come for yet another round of Berkeley Mews comics, this being the fourth time we've featured the series here on Bored Panda. Throughout the years and iterations, you must've grown acquainted with the random happenings of the blue people in Ben Zaehringer's imagination. And even if not, this is a good place to start your acquaintance with the crazy blue-tinted world of Berkeley Mews.

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Andhika Muksin is a huge Disney fan. He has been photoshopping Pocahontas, Ariel, and other princesses into celebrity photos for quite some time, but he has more tricks up his sleeve as well. One of them is bringing these beloved characters down to earth. We've already showed you a collection of portraits where Muksin strips away the glam surrounding these gals and portrays them in a more 'realistic' way, but the series is so good, we couldn't resist presenting his newest work. From getting…

Karen B
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We are back again with more funny and relatable comics by Dre, or better known on Instagram as TheRandomNinjaKitty. Her silly and random comics were previously featured on Bored Panda in 2018—you can find them by clicking here. Dre's comics are colorful, full of random jokes and creative puns.

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“Toonhole John” is one of the four cartoonists behind the whole “Toonhole” project. His comics are part of the website but the artist also has his own Instagram account where he posts his work separately from his friends. John describes himself as “not only a professional animation cartoonist but also the most clutch Call of Duty player of the Toonhole squadron and possibly the world.”


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