Dark gothic art

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of dark gothic art. Discover hauntingly beautiful masterpieces that will transport you to a realm of mystery and intrigue. Unleash your inner darkness and explore the depths of this captivating art form.
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The Dullahan is a legendary creature in Irish folklore. He depicted as a headless rider on a black horse, who carries his own head under his arm. His horse has red eyes and fire-throwing nostrils. His decomposed head has big eyes and a huge, vicious smile. He also has a human spine as a whip and he sometimes uses his head as a lantern. When a Dullahan stops his horse, it’s time for someone to die. Anyone who sees him will be sprayed with blood or whipped in the face and will be the next to…


I once heard this quote saying something along the lines that a woman’s first-time bleeding doesn’t actually come from between her legs, but from always having to bite her tongue. I think about this…