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Learn about the remarkable journeys and selfless acts of the Daughters of Charity. Discover how these incredible women have made a difference in the lives of others and find inspiration to make a difference yourself.
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The following article was originally posted on the Time Warner Cable News in Austin website by Alese Underwood. View the story here. Seton Healthcare Founders Daughters of Charity to Leave Austin After serving Austin for more than 100 years and establishing the Seton Healthcare Family, the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul–an international community of[continue reading]

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A lovely reflection about a lovely person. Just another example of the friendship and sisterhood built among #DaughtersofCharity! // the spirit of charity: Sister Virginia ~ Footprints on my Heart Sisters, Art, Brides, Christ, Daughters, Daughters Of Charity, Sisterhood, Daughter, Catholic

Sr. Virginia on her 60th Jubilee as a Daughter of Charity with Sr. Jean Reflection by Sister Jean Rhoads, DC about Sister Virginia Cotter (2/24/1926-1/12/14) Whether you called Sister Virginia - "Sister," "Sis," "Gin," "Ginny” or "Virginia," I think the best title for her is friend. In Scripture, Sirach refers to friendship as a treasure (Sirach 6:14) and that certainly fits who Sister Virginia has been in my life... Sister Virginia was a wonderful person with whom to share community life…

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This is a list of my favorite 12 orders of Catholic nuns and sisters in no particular order. This list includes their history, and images of their habits. What is a Catholic Nun or Sister? In the Roman Catholic tradition, there are many religious institutes of nuns and sisters (the female equivalent of male monks or friars), each with its own charism or special character. Nuns, religious sisters, and canonesses all use the term "Sister" as a form of address. What is a Nun? Traditionally, a

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