December Crafts

Get into the holiday spirit with these creative December craft ideas. Explore DIY projects and decorations to make this December extra special.

And we're back. Don't you hate it when you make an announcement to the world, and then you can't follow through because life gets in the way? Yup. It's been one of those weeks! My publisher sent me the printed pages of my craft book to edit, mark up, and send back... so I had to read through 192 pages of crafts and instructions to find any mistakes. But I am ridiculously relieved to say that that was the FINAL edit and I won't see those pages again until it goes to print this summer. Crazy…

Kira Keller
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I am always trying to sneak in different textures and use different tools during art time , this craft does both. Using things you have around the house you can make a delightful little candy cane ! Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard ( like an old cereal box), some red paint, a […]

Kathleen Bourne Elswick

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